• Stages:0
  • Boss: Changeling Hunter
  • Rewards: ?????
  • 'Level: Normal'


  • Confuse-Counter: 50% to dodge and then counter any physical attack. 50% to cause Confuse ailment when this counter attack hits.
  • Confuse: Spell that has a 50% chance to Confuse the each party member.
  • Berserk Aura: Huge ATK bonus for 5-10 turns and limited to only normal attacks.
  • Counterattack: 100% chance to counter all physical attacks for 3 turns.
  • MP Drain: Drains around 250 MP from 1 pony.


  • Changeling Hunter bestiary entry.
  • Changeling Hunter image

It's a good idea to have Rainbow Dash haste each pony and to slow him - he's quite fast and auto-heals for a lot each turn. Physically attacking is risky, because of his high counter-rate and the chance of confusion, so magic is the best thing to fight him with. He is not immune to Confusion status.

Be aware that some weapons cause Magic-Reflect status ON HIM when striking - the weapon can even apply it to him when he attacks and you get a counter attack. Pay attention not to have Twilight kill herself - Magic Reflect only lasts 1 turn.

When he reaches 30% or less HP, he will auto-cast Berserk Aura and Counterattack. Physically attacking him in this status will result in huge damage and an almost-certain 1-hit-KO. Have everyone who has Tiger Stance use it now (especially Fluttershy if she has the Raise spell). These ponies are now safe for 3 turns. Confusion can help here, but the 50% success rate doesn't make it a certainty and it gets cured every time he hits himself. Use Twilight's MAT buff before he gets to this stage and go for as fast of a kill as you can with your strongest Magic.


(100%) 1x Changeling Power Shard (I can use it in crafting.... I think. No found uses so far.)