Death is a State in MLP RPG: Fighting The Unknown. It is the consequence of reaching 0 HP with any pony.

In-Game DescriptionEdit

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Restriction: Can't Move
Priority: 100
Minimum Turns: N/A
Maximum Turns: N/A
Remove After Battle: No
Remove By Restriction: No
Remove By Damage: No
Chance On Damage N/A
Remove By Walking: No
Steps To Remove N/A


  • Since Twilight is affirmed as the game's main character, she cannot die at any point in battle or out in the field, as that will result in a Game Over. UNLESS the player has a Soul Lock item in their inventory. Then Twilight will die just like a regular party member with the option of being revived and the Soul Lock will not be consumed.
  • The in-game battle sprite of the pony affixed with this status usually changes.