A set of equipment at high levels

When any piece of equipment reaches +15, it gains an additional ability, which is shown in the item's description.  The Equipment also gains an additional ability every 10 levels up to +55.  Below is a list of the possible abilities and some notes about them.


EXP +5%

Darkness (Unknown Effect, does not seem to do anything so far)

No Encounter (Really, REALLY bad, avoid at all costs.)

+5% Reflect

2x MP Regen (This actually ADDS 100% MP Regen instead of multiplying, meaning full MP every turn.)

2x EP Regen (Same as above, full EP every turn... yep...)

EP-Retain (EP carries over from each fight)

Crit +5%

Stun +20%

Blind +20%

Silence +20%

Poison +20%

Confuse +20%

HP Regen +5%

50% Action