Exceptional Chest

Exceptional Chest Sprite.

"It contains a unique random item!" Consumable

Gives player one random rare item. Small chance (2 to 10%) to contain two unique random items. The Fabled Chest has exactly the same contents, at a possibly lower % chance for good items.

Find LocationsEdit

- Semi-Boss battles (sometimes x2)

Chest's Contents (After opening the same 2 chests over 100 times)Edit

- Candy Marble (+25% all stats on all PCs for a limited time. Great for bosses. Using one AUTOSAVES the game.)

- Any E-## Crystal (E-92, E-97, E-99, etc)

- Potions (Elixir [Restores all HP+MP], EP Recovery Potion [50%EP], Dispel Herb [all status cure], Stimulant Elixir [Revives one PC with 1HP])

- Crafting Potions (Speed Potion)

- Coin Bag (random amount of coins based on Twilight's level)

- Revive_All! (Revives all PCs with full HP)

- Any non-craftable Stat Increasing Item


- White-Quality Perks (Circle of Light)

- Bloodleaf Potion (+1 EXP Multiplier and Crystal Poison status on all PCs)

- Weapon/Armor Bag (Contains 1-2 upgrade tokens)

KEY ITEMS (Pipe ["It is part of a boat."])

- Black weapons (Divine Blade[158ATK,4MAT,11AGI], God Slayer(R)[50MP,135ATK,62MAT,7AGI])

- Orange Weapons (Anti-Staff [85MP,6ATK,143MAT,53MDF,50LUK], Light Ray [50MP,110ATK,2MDF,5AGI], Hellfire[High AGI+LUK], Huntress Eye [Medium LUK+ATK+MAT], Sombra's Blade [Low ATK+MAT, Medium AGI])

- Blue-Quality weapons (Elemental-Named weapons [Earth, Thunder, Ice, Wind, Fire, Dark])

- Green-Quality weapons (Elemental-Named weapons [Earth, Thunder, Ice, Wind, Fire, Dark])

- White-Quality armor (Lucky Hoofgear[2DEF,1MDF,30LUK], War God's Hoofgear[1HP,9ATK,1DEF,8MDF], Hoovgear of Fury(R)[1HP,14ATK,3DEF,3MDF], Leather Hap, Iron Bodyshield, Mithril Plate, Hard Leather, Cotton Robe, Dragon Cap, Hermit Robe[STRONG DEF+MDF], Leather Mail)