Dark Pr

Bestiary entry

Second boss in the Boss Arena. Unlocked by beating any other Arena bosses 5 times (cumulative) and using the Like a Boss! achievement reward (Sombra Tomb Scroll). Player has to traverse two maps to get to his coffin to start the boss battle. The entire area and boss fight has a timer of 20 minutes before it kicks the player out.

Be aware of an Important Drop that prevents death.


- 2000 EXP (The trash mobs are decent for EXP, though.)

- (100% drop rate) Shard of Darkness ("Used for high level crafting." No known uses yet.)

Random Drops
Ancient Pr

Bestiary entry


Bestiary entry

- Dark Crystal Ring(R) [1HP,4MP,9DEF,34MAT,39MDF,-5AGI,-5LUK]


The Dark Priest mobs come in groups of 3 or 4 (first floor) and the tougher Ancient Priest mobs come in groups of 5 (second floor). These fights are mostly luck, since 5 Priests can spam Sleep and Confuse status, then never hit for any physical damage to snap anyone out of it (so save often).They have a puny physical attack (0 dmg) and 5 spells:

  • An extremely powerful single-target spell (~70% HP dmg).
  • Flame: A very powerful fire spell that hits all PCs (~50% HP).
  • 50% chance to inflict sleep AND Weaken Armor on all PCs.
  • Confuse: 50% chance to confuse all PCs.
  • Rejuvinate: Heals all enemies for ~1800 HP.
  • Raise II: Revive one dead enemy with 50% HP.

Sombra has a high melee counter-rate and causes Confusion status ~33% on his counter hits. Deals mostly MAG damage, other than his weak countering PHY dmg. Not very hard if you focus on dealing magic damage (other than your own melee ponies trying to beat you to death).

He is relatively slow and also doesn't heal much HP per turn, so don't sweat rushing the fight.