Semi-Bosses rarely appear after winning a fight with random monsters. They can be quite tough, so you are given the option to attempt them or to run before the fight starts. All HP/MP are not restored before this fight starts.

All semi-bosses have high HP/MP regen and the ability to counter physical attacks/spells/skills with a normal attack and a 50% chance to cause Confuse status.

Semi-Bosses and LocationsEdit

1.) Giant OrangeStarting Location. Drops 3739 Bits, 1 Fabled Chest, 1 SP + 1k, and random items.

  • Weak to Ice. The hardest part to overcome is the high HP regen that all bosses have.

2.) Frenzied Lion: Forest. Drops 6965 Bits, 1 Fabled Chest, 3 SP + 1k, and random items.

  • Has a single-target spell capable of one-shotting. Other than luck, simple fight. Is weak to Lightning

3.) Timber Wolf:  Mountain Areas Drops Bits, 1 Fabled Chest, 6 SP + 1k, and random items.

  • Can be destroyed quickly with fire damage. Pentuple Blast and Magma Splash are extremely effective.

4.) Drunken Changeling: King Sombra's Tomb and Changeling Swamp/Castle Drops 3415 Bits, 9 SP + 1k, 1 Exceptional Chest , and random items. Rare drop of Changeling Wings.

  • Very weak to Holy damage. Has never landed a regular hit on me (because he's drunk?). Has a very powerful attack that hits whole party, weak single-target HP drain spell.